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Clueless men’s rights activist protests all-female comedy festival, supporters respond with #YesAllJane 

"Have you noticed a growing trend toward events and even business that ban men from joining, participating or in some cases even entering the business?"

Well, have you?

If not, don’t worry. Matt Woof, the “Lone Woof,” has — and he’s here to fight against what he considers the feminist hypocrisy of creating and fostering spaces for women. 

Festival director: “It’s not harmless and it’s not funny.” | Follow micdotcom


For my celebrity culture class’ group project we were supposed to create a viral video of any kind and then publicize it to get 1,500 views by December. Please share this awfully made video and get it to 1,500 views so I get a good grade, all you have to do is click on it. 

Special thanks to kinesthetiac for letting us use the song and I’m apologizing in advance